Monday, 14 October 2013

Dream kitchen ...the research starts!

Okay, it's a bit premature but I am indulging myself by researching ideas for our kitchen.
As real foodies my other half and I get so much joy out of cooking and we would love a space that we could while away the hours in. The thought of having a space that would be exactly what we want is very exciting indeed.

Research time!

First port of call was Pinterest where there is an incredible amount of inspiration,  check out my Pinterest 'kitchen' page for idea of what I am thinking (hopefully you will find it inspiring too) in the meantime here's a screen shot of the page.

Inspiring or what?

Then I sat back and enjoyed an old fashioned method of research - magazines! I love, love, love Living Etc. Its a fabulous magazine packed full of wonderful houses and fab ideas. And ok I admit I am over organised and I used colour coded post-it notes for ideas!! My magazines are well thumbed with sticky notes all over!

After seeing an advert in a magazine I sent of for the Fired Earth Kitchen catalogue...yummy! Fired Earth was founded in 1983 in an Oxfordshire barn and began as a specialist Terracotta supplier. Over the last few years they have added a stunning collection of bathrooms, beautifully crafted kitchens and a carefully researched paint palette. Fab!  Click Here for their website. They also have some lovely paints .....hopefully something we will get to use in our new house!

Lovely kitchen catalogue! 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Art of not losing it!

We are in the middle of moving house.
I say middle as we have just about sold ours, a beautifully 1880's terrace. But we were gauzumped on the property we were buying.
Initially I was heart broken but it made us reevaluate what we wanted in a house and we eventually realised that a 'project' could be the best option for us.

After looking at all the remaining houses on the market we went to see the house that was last on our list, a terrace currently in flats.
Well something happened when we walked through those doors and the untapped potential jumped out at us straight away.

After a sleepless weekend and countless conversations we decided to put an offer in. Eventually a couple of hours and numerous phone calls later we agreed a price.

So where are we now? Well playing the waiting game. We need the house to pass its survey without too many issues. In the meantime I am researching, learning and gathering as much information about renovation as possible.

So have I learnt the art of not losing it? Nearly, would be the answer but I now understand why they say buying a house can be the most stressful time of your life.

Watch this space who knows what will happen next!