My name is Harriet but most people call me Hattie. I have lived in Yorkshire most of my life and love the openness of the people and the landscape here.
I work for a conservation charity and thus spend a great deal of time outdoors which is just perfect for me!
I now live in Hull a city that is the midst of regeneration and there are lots of exciting grassroots creative projects happening and I hope that in the future this blog will champion some of those projects and also some of the amazing people behind them!

Things I love: food, cooking, bargains, gardening, reading, vintage, home decor, charity shops and antique yards, pretty ribbons, strawberry liquorice, insects, photography, dogs and all the other good things in life!

I've always got lots of ideas and I am always looking out for my next adventure or project and so I thought why not right a blog? So this is what hattie did next........

Hattie xx                                                                            

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